Crew management

The best run ships rely on experienced, motivated people. Kvarner crew management services are designed to build the strongest possible relationship between the shipowner and the seafarer.

At the heart of our business are motivated people. We believe in only employing the best by carefully selecting and recruiting skilled, reliable and committed officers and ratings. Through a sophisticated system of continuous assessment, monitoring and training, we are able to constantly improve our candidates’ competencies and performance. We have a large and committed pool of seafarers who stay and enjoy working with us. Our retention rate is above the industry standard.


Total crew management: From the initial planning stage through to selection and recruitment, onboard placement, overall crew administration and ongoing crew training, we take a holistic approach to crew services. This ensures optimum operational efficiency and high safety standards while maintaining competitive wage scales and costs.

Competence Management System (CMS): We constantly look at improving our seafarers’ skills through analysis. We reduce the risk of human error by identifying any individual’s skill gaps and provide the right training to ensure that seafarers can serve effectively and safely.

Manpower report and KPIs: Every client is provided with a comprehensive report detailing the actual number of crew on board, crew appraisals and lists. A wide-ranging Key Performance Indicator (KPI) report can also be produced to monitor the operational performance of the ship.

Roster programme: Through long-term planning and regular rotation on board we are able to ensure that the most committed seafarers remain in our pool. A seafarer enrolled in our programme has access to a range of benefits such as extra support for health insurance, local travel & hotel accommodation, sponsorship of STCW courses and training allowances.



Candidate selection and interview, reference check and qualification screening. 


Medical certificates, pre-joining formalities, employment and processing of crew.


Crew planning and scheduling of crew rotations, travel arrangements and coordination.


Managing competence requirements through our CMS, arranging crew training, maintaining training records.


Budget preparation, accounting and cost control.


Administration of crew payroll, payment of wages, funding elements, social contributions, management and agency fees, medical expenses etc. 


Follow-up P&I insurance and handling of insurance claims.


Monitor crew performance and maintain crew records, ensure compliance with industry standards.